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rBGH Free Dairy Lists

Click on your state below to download a PDF document of dairy products sold in your area that are free of artificial bovine growth hormones. If youíre looking for outlets that sell these products, visit our advanced search page.

If youíd like a complete list of all rBGH-free brands nationwide, click on the "All Brands" button in the right corner of the map.

This list of rBGH-free dairy products has been compiled by asking producers if they use rBGH, researching company websites, and consulting product guides produced by other organizations. Please note that if a product is rBGH-free this does not imply that it was produced sustainably or with a high regard for animal welfare. We have done our best to compile an accurate list. However, this list is not exhaustive. There may be more rBGH-free and organic (which, in part, means rBGH-free by federal standards) dairy brands available than appear on this list. If you know of any we should include, please email info@eatwellguide.org.

How can I save these handy rBGH-free lists to my iPod?
Itís not as difficult as it might seem! It can be a little tricky to add or sync them since each system is different, but if these particular directions donít work just refer to your iTunes and iPod technical support for more help.
Click on the appropriate state and download the .pdf file or .zip file to your desktop or other easy-to-find place on your hard drive.
Unzip or unpack the zip file. Canít unzip a file? Download WinZip for the PC or Stuff-It Expander for OSX.
Since the file is a PDF, you have to first save it as a smaller image file. Open the file and then select File > ďSave As...Ē
Save it as a .jpg (nb: you will have to save each page of the PDF separately if there is more than one) and place it in a folder that you have set up for iPod photos.
From here, there are a few ways to add images to your iPod. If you have iPhoto for the Mac (version 4.0.3 or higher, apparently) or Adobe Photoshop Album for the PC (or Mac, I s'pose) you can create separate albums. If not, you can just go the route of creating simple, accessible folders that will sync to the iPod.
Open iTunes and connect your iPod. You donít have iTunes? Get it here.
Click the little iPod button in the bottom-right corner of the window.
Click the tab labeled iPod.
Click the tab in the window labeled Photos.
Click the checkbox labeled Syncronize Photos from: and then navigate to the folder where the files are stored and choose it. This will sync all of the photos from that folder to your iPod.

How can I save these handy rBGH-free lists on my iPhone or BlackBerry?
The best solution for saving PDFs on most cell phones or PDAs is to download, save, and then email the PDF to yourself. Once it is in your inbox, you can refer to it anywhere! Check with the technical support documentation for your device, though, and see if new PDF readers become available. For BlackBerries, PDF support is included with the original Blackberry applications but you might need a program with better support for image-rich PDFs like these. You can find a good overview of third-party PDF viewers by clicking here.

1. Download the PDF to your computer.

2. Email the PDF to yourself and then find it in your Inbox.

3. Open the email, click on the PDF and it will start downloading.

4. Once it has downloaded it will live as an attachment in your Inbox that you can refer to anytime.