A free online guide to finding local, sustainable, organic food in the U.S. and Canada.
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International Sustainable Food Guides

Global Resources

  • Organic Jetsetter
    Organic Jetsetter has “city guides” for major cities around the world identifying cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and farmers’ markets that sell organic food.

  • Organic Bio
    International directory of wholesale organic food.

  • Lonely Planet
    Search for organic/health food restaurants in any city worldwide. Type “organic restaurant” into the search box and then choose your desired location.

  • Travel Muse
    Search for organic restaurants in cities/regions worldwide. Search by destination and then choose “restaurant” and “special features”, and then “organic”.

  • Organic Holidays
    Organic places to stay around the world: farms, bed and breakfasts, etc.


South Africa:



  • Healthy Bliss
    Blog posts on restaurants/food stores in Seoul, South Korea, Dubai, Bali, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bangkok.

Southeast Asia:


Seoul, South Korea:

  • Raw Food, Vegan and Organic Options in Seoul, Korea.


Beijing, China:




  • The Green Directory
    The Green Directory is Australia's online resource for locating green businesses, products and services. All businesses have been selected for their sustainable business practices. Search under “Food and Drink.”

  • Ecodirectory
    Australia’s Guide to Sustainable Living. Search in the food category.

  • Greenfinder
    Greenfinder is a directory of Australian companies that specialize in providing environmentally friendly products and services.

  • Organic Food Directory
    The Organic Food Directory is a directory of organic outlets across Australia and a resource of information to learn more about organic food.

  • Environment Society of Australia
    Directory of Organic Producers and Retailers.

New Zealand:

  • Organic Pathways
    This directory lists organic products, businesses and organizations.

  • Organic Explorer
    The Green Travel Guide to New Zealand lists organic shops and growers.


United Kingdom:

  • Ethical Eats
    Ethical Eats is a network of London restaurants and catering businesses that care about sustainability. Their Local Food Finder is very similar to Eat Well Guide.

  • Organic Food Directory
    The UK’s premier organic food directory.

  • The London Organic Directory
    The London Organic Directory. Dedicated to bringing you all the information you need to find great organic food, wholefoods and health foods in London.

  • Cambridge Shopping Guide
    Cambridge Shopping Guide: Organic and Health Food.

  • OrganicFoodie.com
    List of UK local/organic shops.

  • Organic Links
    Search for any type of organic business (farm, café, etc.) in England.

Northern Ireland:


  • Good Food Ireland
    Good Food Ireland endorses places committed to local food and the transparency of their food producers.

  • The Organic Guide for Ireland
    The Organic Guide lists 450 organizations from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that offer certified organic goods.

  • Plan Organic
    List of organic produce, seeds, and dairy in Ireland.

  • Find a Restaurant
    Organic restaurants in Ireland organized by county.




  • Your Guide to Italy
    Organic restaurants, shops, grocers in Rome.

  • Purely Organic
    Look under “Places to Eat”.

  • Slow Food International
    Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.


North America


Costa Rica:

Virgin Islands:

South America




    Organic Agriculture in Venezuela.